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Glow All Out: LED Rentals


When the night falls, the festivities don’t have to end.  Light up the night with Grimes Events & Party Tents variety of LED event rentals. Read on to find 5 ways to incorporate LED lights at your next event!


LED Furniture

1.) LED UP Lights.

Using LED UP Lights requires minimal effort and can still transform your entire event space. These lights are perfect for venues with light-wash walls and furniture. The vibrant  LED UP lights will create an intense reflection of the white, changing the color and tone of the entire venue. We love to pair our LED UP lights with classic Pipe and Drape to set the mood.


2.)  Led Hi-Tops.

If you are throwing a mixer or event where people will be standing and conversating, LED Hi-Tops are a functional way to experiment with LED lights. LED Hi-Tops are a great way to direct guests’ eyes to the table while adding color to your space. LED Hi-Tops make for easy transportation and can be effortlessly moved through any venue space. Take a look at the simple addition of LED Hi-Tops in the beautiful outdoor space.



3.) LED Curved Bar.

Drinks and a show! The LED Curved Bar is a fan favorite. Serve up refreshments and engaging conversation with a beautiful LED Curved Bar. Renting a LED Curved Bar is a great way to direct guests to the refreshments while adding a fun element to the celebration. Our LED Curved Bar can display multiple LED shades at once or emit a solid color to match the surrounding color palette or theme of your event.

4.) Chauvet UP Lighting.

If extravagant colors are something you want all through your venue, renting a Chauvet UP Light will do most of the work for you. This simple lighting solution will spread across the entire event space, showcasing a concert-style look at your venue. If you are looking for intense color, you can adjust the setting to display all the shades. If you’re looking for subtle color, adjust the lighting options to your preference.


 5.) LED Cubes.

LED Cubes are one of our very popular LED lounge furniture items. Our LED cubes double as lounge seating and LED décor. Spread LED cubes through your venue for a pop of color or gather them as a means of seating for guests.  Like all our LED products you can choose from a variety of shades and intensities.


Whether you are throwing a glow-in-the-dark party or just want to add an electrifying pop of color to your event space, Grimes Events & Party Tents has a variety of LED rentals that are sure to turn heads. Glow all out will a LED rentals for your next function. Contact Grimes Events & Tents for all your event needs today!

Event Planning: Selecting Your Venue


Picking a venue for your event can be a big part of your overall event planning process. Make selecting a venue easy by learning what to look for when beginning to search. Start with a vision and purpose for your event, then incorporate these tips to create the perfect venue space.



Location is important to keep in mind when choosing a venue. The region where the venue is located can affect how accessible it is for guests. Without a guest, there is no event. Ensure that all guests can travel safely and have efficient access to enjoy all aspects of the venue space. Look into entrance ramps and parking spaces at your venue location.  Speaking of space, one of the first things you should know when picking a venue is how many guests will be there. This will establish the size venue that’s needed and can impact the comfortability of the venue.


Select a place

Once you have addressed the event size, you can decide where you want your event to take place. Finding a venue that has all your event needs in one place and can be designed to carry your theme is crucial. Although the fastest way to select a venue is picking one that is already built, it can be hard to get everything you want out of one venue space. The room could be large but there is only one bathroom, or there is a dancefloor but not much room to dance. If you find yourself having a difficult time checking all the boxes of your venue requirements, don’t settle. Building your venue can be more personalized and just as fun. For more information about personalizing your event space, read our blogs on Tent Rentals for Every Event and What is Your Event Décor Style?


Build your own space

Starting from scratch allows the event planner to build out the event the way they imagined, and not what the venue confines them to. A great way to build a custom venue is by renting a party tent. Grimes Events & Party Tents offers a variety of sizes and styles of outdoor party tents. Another great aspect of a party tent is it can be put anywhere opening the doors for endless locations. It can be on a beach, a farm, a park, or even your backyard. No matter where the event is, its one-of-a-kind setup will leave a lasting impression.

When you build out an event you can use one tent or multiple to build the structure of your choice. Add on rooms inside the tent or just off the tent to accommodate a lounge in addition to your event space. This is a great way to incorporate an upscale lounging area for your guests to relax. Maximize your space by organizing it the way it works best for your event. Incorporate rentals like a stage for entertainment, a floor for dancing, rentals for catering, and even luxury portable restrooms. Grimes Events & Party Tents has countless event rentals that will transform your space into a one-of-a-kind venue.


Transforming your venue

Décor, theme, style, and functionality are all essential parts of having a memorable venue. Think about what kind of event this is and what kind of response you would like to evoke from your guest. Figuring out what you want out of your event will help you determine the essence of the celebration.  The theme or subject of the event will be the inspiration for the setup and décor inside. Tableware, statement pieces, lighting, music, colors, seating, refreshments, and any other personalization will make up the theme of the event. Think about the atmosphere you are trying to create with the décor. Will it be warm, cool, airy, intimate, fun, or sophisticated? The list goes on and creativity takes over. Take stock of your decorative goals for the venue and start trying things out.  Its highly recommended to take furniture, décor, and color swatches to the venue to get an idea of what the final product could look like.

If you are finding it hard to spark creativity, get inspiration from other events. Research common themes or trending décor to get a feel of beautiful materials you can include in your décor. A great source of inspiration is from event planning businesses like Grimes Events & Party Tents. Check out our social media and website to view our gallery of successful event setups. Discover the event planning networks on our promotional platforms while connecting with customers we have serviced. Contact us at (561)-853- 8368 for more information on venue options and event rentals.

Outdoor Graduation Parties

Graduating is a major accomplishment and should always be celebrated! Outdoor parties are the perfect way to acknowledge this achievement with friends and family. When planning your party, consider the many advantages of renting your party equipment!

Cocktail Tables

Hi-top cocktail tables are great for outdoor parties. You can either plan to have your guests stand at these tables, making it easy for them to mingle, or pair them with barstools so that people can sit. Cocktail tables also offer a great opportunity to add pops of color to your decorations! Try draping linens over the tables using school colors to show your school spirit!

Lounge Furniture

Are you looking to add a touch of luxury and refinement to your outdoor graduation party? Look no further than our lounge furniture. These customizable pieces will give your guests a comfortable place to sit while they celebrate!


At Grimes Events & Party Tents, we have tent rentals for every event, including graduation parties! For parties with smaller guest lists, our 10×10 pop-up tents and 12×12 high peak tents can be used individually or placed side by side. For parties with larger guest lists, our frame tents with a solid or clear top are known to be ideal for backyard parties. Make sure to consider all of the tent accessories you can rent as well, including flooring, fans, side curtains, and more!


Keep the party going into the evening hours by adding lights to your party space! There is no shortage of creative ways to use string lights as decorations. LED cubes and floating globes are not only a great way to provide light in the evening, but they also offer another opportunity to add pops of colors once the sun goes down!

At Grimes Events & Party Tents, we have everything you need to host the perfect outdoor graduation party. From tents and tables to lounge furniture and lights, we have it all! Contact us today at 561-853-8368 for all your event rental needs!

Lounge Around With Grimes

Parties are a great place to dance and have fun, but sometimes guests need to sit back and relax, too. Give your guests a place to rest with our comfy selection of lounge furniture. While those guests are catching up with friends, light up the rest of your party with some fun LED furniture and decorations. Here’s a quick snapshot of some lounge product offerings at Grimes Events & Party Tents:

Lounge Furniture

Our lounge pieces will add style to your party while also giving your guests a place to relax. Choose from a selection of chairs, ottomans, sofas, and furniture packages to fit the mood and theme of your party. Is your event style more corporate? Choose our white, cushioned chairs that are both comfy and professional. Do you want your party to be more modern and upbeat? Add a curved bar that lights up with LEDs. The best part is that our lounge furniture is ready to be used both inside and outside to suit you and your party’s needs.

LED Decorations

Create a colorful experience for your guests by lighting up your party with LED lounge decorations! Green, red, yellow, and blue lights will bounce off your walls and reflect off the water. Grimes offers wireless LED cubes in three different colors to fit the theme of any party. Besides cubes, you can add LED floating globes to light up and float in your pool. With these decorations, your guests will never forget the colorful and upbeat atmosphere of your party.


Unsure of what kind of furniture your party needs? Feel free to contact us so we can discuss the best options for you. Grimes Events & Party Tents has been South Florida’s premier party rental company for over 20 years. We can provide you with the expertise to awe your guests from the moment they arrive. Contact us to learn more about the best lounge furniture and decorations for your special event.

Top 6 Party Rentals That Will Transform Your Event

Whether you are planning a wedding reception, family reunion or a corporate event, it is essential to have the right supplies and equipment to make sure that everyone attending the festivities has a great time. Grimes Events & Party Tents is here to provide everything you could ever need for your party. Our team of event specialists will transform your entire event with our party rentals.

Table & Chairs

No event is complete without tables and chairs. At Grimes Events & Party Tents, we have a wide range of table and chair rentals on hand to meet the aesthetic and capacity needs of your party. From elegant choices for your intimate wedding to economical options for your corporate event, we have got it all.

Event Tents

From pole tents that will shield your attendees from any possible bad weather to freestanding tents that provide an area for guests to eat and mingle, we have got it all. As the premier provider of South Florida party tent rentals, our team of event specialists will help you determine the right tent for your needs and ensure that it is delivered and properly set up in advance of your event. Once your event is over, we will then breakdown everything and load the tents back into our event trucks.

LED Furniture Rentals

LED furniture rentals provide the perfect decorative element for dance floors, dining halls, lounge area, bars, and pools. Not only do LED furniture rentals create the right atmosphere, but they are also functional. At Grimes Events & Party Tents, we have a wide selection of LED furniture and decor elements including bars, tables, cubes, and floating globes.

Pipe And Drapes

Pipe and drape rentals are an inexpensive way to add excitement to an event while also organizing certain areas. They can be used for a variety of different events and special occasions including weddings and corporate events.


The right type of lighting can completely transform an event. String lights and other lighting fixtures can create a warm and intimate atmosphere that comes alive at night. If you are planning a wedding, consider getting a wedding tent with lights like chandeliers for an elegant look or mason jars for a rustic feel.

Dance Floors

Nothing gets a party started like music and a dance floor. Spice your event up and add some flare with our black and white, marble and wood dance floor rental options.

South Florida Party Tent Rentals

Grimes Events & Party Tents is South Florida’s premier rental company, providing clients with a complete destination for party rentals and essentials. Our team is dedicated to providing exceptional customer service when it comes to South Florida party tent rentals and event essentials. We know how important your event is not only to you but also to your guests and that is why we go out of our way to make sure you are getting superior party rental products. You will work one-on-one with an event coordinator who will be available to answer any questions throughout the entire process. If you need high-quality party and event rentals then give the professionals at Grimes Events & Party Tents a call at 561-853-8368.

Create An Inviting Atmosphere With A Wedding Tent With Lights

As wedding season is upon us, an event rental like a wedding tent with lights is becoming a popular venue among many future brides and grooms. Tent rentals are a great way to accommodate guests and provide an open and inviting atmosphere. At Grimes Events & Party Tents, we specialize in providing event tent rentals in South Florida. Our knowledgeable team of event specialists will help you plan out all of the logistics for your event including rentals like tables, chairs, tents, and dance floors. With tent rentals, the possibilities are endless and we are dedicated to helping you bring your vision to life.

How To Dress Up A Wedding Tent

Having an outdoor wedding venue can offer the bride and groom beautiful scenery and the freedom to create a personalized wedding that matches their unique style and taste. A wedding tent rental, in particular, can serve a great solution, creating a fantastic ambiance while also protecting guests against any unpredictable weather conditions. There are many innovative ways to embrace the uniqueness of a tented structure. The following decorating tips can help make your wedding tent vision become a reality.

Wedding Tent With Lights

The right type of lighting can completely transform a wedding tent. String lights and other hanging light fixtures can create a warm and intimate atmosphere that comes alive at night. At Grimes Events And Party Tents, we offer many lighting options for wedding tents. Clients can add chandeliers for an elegant look, mason jars for a rustic feel or candles for a romantic ambiance.


One way to add glamour to the structure of a tent is to integrate soft draping. Having draping fabric or having a tent liner, can transform your wedding venue from a standard tent into a luxurious affair. Draping also gives couples the freedom to experiment with different textures, patterns, and colors, finding the right combination that suits their taste.


Adding furniture to a wedding tent is essential and Grimes Events And Party Tents has several furniture rental options to match any event need or style. We offer table and chair rentals that can accommodate any number of guests from small, intimate weddings to large 200 person weddings, creating a more comfortable and inviting space. For weddings that go into the night, LED lights can help turn an elegant reception into a fun dance party. From LED lounges and bars to hightop tables and cubes, we have the right solution to creating an atmosphere that you and your guests will enjoy, making your event as memorable as possible.

Let Us Take Care Of Your Event Tent Rental Needs

Whether you are looking for an event tent rental for a wedding, birthday party or corporate event, Grimes Events And Party Tents offers the widest selection of tent rentals in the South Florida area. Our event specialists will work closely with you and your venue in order to design the event of your dreams. From table and chair rentals to dance floors and stages, we will provide all party rental necessities to ensure that your event goes off without a hitch. If you are planning an upcoming wedding, call the party rental experts at 561-853-8368 to start planning today.

The Best LED Furniture Rentals

LED furniture rentals can completely transform the look and feel of an event. They can also be the perfect rental for weddings and corporate events as they provide a decorative element for dance floors, dining halls, lounge areas, bars, and pools. Led furniture doesn’t only set the atmosphere, but it is also functional, safe to set-up and use and affordable. At Grimes Events And Party Tents, we offer the widest selection of LED furniture. From lounges and bars to chairs and, we have got you covered.

The Perfect LED Furniture Rentals

Our LED lit up bar furniture can help to set the mood at any social gathering. LED bars fit in perfectly at a cocktail hour. Our spandex covered hightop LED tables can be a great addition to impress guests. They also provide functionality as guests can relax and enjoy their food and drinks. We can also provide LED tables that can be positioned next to sofas and used for guests to place their drinks or plates of food on while they are seated.

LED Furniture
LED Furniture

LED Party Rental Additions

At Grimes Events And Party Tents, we also offer other LED elements that are the perfect party additions. Our LED floating globes are a perfect accent piece for social gatherings and parties that have pools. LED cubes are another great party addition. They can be placed throughout an event in order to provide mood lighting and all guest to see.

Grimes Events And Party Tents will provide the highest quality of LED furniture rentals. We also offer other event rentals like tables, chairs, and tents to accommodate any and all party needs. If you are wanting to add extra flair to your next event, then call Grimes Events And Party Tents at 561-853-8368 for all of your LED furniture rental needs.