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Outdoor Graduation Parties

Graduating is a major accomplishment and should always be celebrated! Outdoor parties are the perfect way to acknowledge this achievement with friends and family. When planning your party, consider the many advantages of renting your party equipment!

Cocktail Tables

Hi-top cocktail tables are great for outdoor parties. You can either plan to have your guests stand at these tables, making it easy for them to mingle, or pair them with barstools so that people can sit. Cocktail tables also offer a great opportunity to add pops of color to your decorations! Try draping linens over the tables using school colors to show your school spirit!

Lounge Furniture

Are you looking to add a touch of luxury and refinement to your outdoor graduation party? Look no further than our lounge furniture. These customizable pieces will give your guests a comfortable place to sit while they celebrate!


At Grimes Events & Party Tents, we have tent rentals for every event, including graduation parties! For parties with smaller guest lists, our 10×10 pop-up tents and 12×12 high peak tents can be used individually or placed side by side. For parties with larger guest lists, our frame tents with a solid or clear top are known to be ideal for backyard parties. Make sure to consider all of the tent accessories you can rent as well, including flooring, fans, side curtains, and more!


Keep the party going into the evening hours by adding lights to your party space! There is no shortage of creative ways to use string lights as decorations. LED cubes and floating globes are not only a great way to provide light in the evening, but they also offer another opportunity to add pops of colors once the sun goes down!

At Grimes Events & Party Tents, we have everything you need to host the perfect outdoor graduation party. From tents and tables to lounge furniture and lights, we have it all! Contact us today at 561-853-8368 for all your event rental needs!

Tent Rentals for Every Event

Living in beautiful South Florida, many events are held outdoors. From backyard weddings to corporate events and sporting championships to emergency relief, tents provide a great number of benefits.

Private Events

Private events such as birthday parties, baby showers, weddings, retirement parties, family reunions, graduation parties, or holiday gatherings benefit greatly from tent rentals. Grimes Events & Party Tents has extensive experience with private events. For example, last summer we were able to create a gorgeous driveway setup for a 10-year-old’s surprise birthday party, complete with a clear top frame tent. Other vendors provided decorations that made for a truly spectacular scene that the birthday girl was over the moon about!

Corporate Events

Many businesses host events such as seminars, product launches, trade expositions, networking events, leadership building, team building, conferences, business dinners, and more. While some of these events are small, others are hosted on a larger scale. Our frame tents are just one of the many options that can provide a great space to host these large gatherings.

Charity & Fundraising Events

Charity and fundraising events come in all shapes and sizes. They can include society balls, sporting events, charitable auctions, sponsored events, theatrical productions, and more. For example, last year we were able to provide 30 tents as well as tables, chairs, and fencing for the Autism Speaks Walk at the Meyer Amphitheater in West Palm Beach.

Live Events

Live events, such as sporting events, shows, concerts, festivals, etc., are a great opportunity for tent rentals. Whether you are using a larger tent to house a group of people or smaller, pop-up tents for individual vendors, the options are endless! In 2019, at the College Football Championship Conference, we provided tents for the stadium, conference USA, and UAB as well as media platforms throughout the stadium for CBS.

Small Businesses

Especially in the past year, many small businesses and restaurants have had to get creative in how they offer their services outdoors. Our pop-up tents, as well as many others, provided comfort for guests. For example, we were able to provide tents as well as tables, chairs, fencing, and lighting in Downtown Delray for the Downtown Development Authority’s Distanced Dining in the Park event, featuring extended dining options for local restaurants.

Emergency Services

Tents offer benefits not only during planned events but also during unplanned times of need. For example, Grimes Events & Party Tents is proud to have served Palm Beach County during a difficult year by making our tents available to use as additional facilities for COVID-19 testing.

Are you planning an event? Perhaps your event could also benefit from a tent rental! Contact the team at Grimes Events & Party Tents today for more information.

Top 5 Reasons to Rent a Graduation Tent

tables-and-chairs-1-bWhen planning a graduation party for your son or daughter, there is a long list of items that need to be completed. One of the more popular items on that list is throwing a graduation party. Celebrating this huge milestone and accomplishment is fun for the graduates and the adults. The not-so-fun part is the planning, cleaning, organizing, inviting and the unknowns, like how much food do I need, where will I have the party, how can I accommodate all of these guest.

One idea that is very popular for graduation parties is having the party at your house and having a tent in your driveway or yard.
We listed the Top 5 reasons, we have heard from our Florida customers on why they wanted to rent a tent for their son or daughters graduation party:
1. Add Shelter for any types of weather: Tents can add shelter for a hot sun and if it rains. Florida for example, has been known to have unpredictable weather. Occasionally this is the most common first – thought on why anyone would rent a tent but we believe the next 4 are the most important reasons for the renting a graduation party tent.

2. Adds an Extension to your home to accommodate more guest: gradation party tents are a great way to add a temporary extension and extra square footage to your house for the party. You can add anywhere from 400 sq ft to 4000 depending on how big your party and yard are. It’s completely up to you.

3. Keeps Guest Outside and your house clean: Having a tent outside will keep your guest outside. By keeping your guest outside this will reduce the foot traffic in your house which will in turn, reduce the amount of cleaning you will have to do in the house on the Sunday or Monday after the party.

4. Overflow for unexpected guest (FB and Social Media): Facebook and Social Media has changed the way parents are planning for their graduation parties. There’s typically not an RSVP for these types of invites. Typically the graduates or graduates friends post a status update like “Lindsay’s graduation party, 6-1-13, starting at 6, bring whoever”. This makes it difficult to plan for unanswered questions: Who will show up, how many will show up, will they stay long, will they eat? Having a tent outside helps accommodate for the unknown guest.

5. It’s just fun to have one: Nothing says you’re having a party like a tent. Think about it, every time you drive in a neighborhood and see a nice tent, you think to yourself, “they must be having a party!” Not only are they functional but they set the mood for the party and guest. They add a flare to your event. They provide an area for people to mingle, eat and drink.
Our list above of the top 5 reasons why our customers rented a tent for their son or daughter’s graduation party hopefully helped.