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Get All Your Holiday Party Rentals From Grimes Events & Party Tents

The holidays are upon us, and while it won’t be a white Christmas (or Hanukkah) in South Florida, Grimes Events can sure make it feel like one. If you’re throwing a holiday party for Christmas or Hanukkah this year in South Florida, consider making it one that’s unforgettable for friends and family. Grimes Events & Party Tents offers the widest selection of party rentals in Palm Beach, Broward, and Miami-Dade counties. Regardless if you need tables and chairs, tents or even catering goods, we’ve got everything you could need to make your party one that’s amazing and one-of-a-kind. Learn more about our holiday rentals in this post from the Grimes Events & Party Tents blog!

Christmas Party Rentals In South Florida

Home and business owners alike know how much fun a killer Christmas party can be. Excellent seasonal food paired with the love of family and the excitement of children makes this the best time of the year for many. At Grimes Events, we have a wide selection of party rentals that could be a great fit for your Christmas party.

Christmas Table & Chair Rentals

Plan on having a full house for your Christmas party? Then having sufficient seating and table space is critical to the overall enjoyment and comfort of your guests. We have tables and chairs of different sizes to fit the different needs of party hosts in South Florida. You can rest assured that nobody will be struggling to find a place to eat with table and chair rentals from Grimes Events.

Christmas Tableware Rentals 

Now that you’ve got tables and chairs, tableware is the next step. Thematic cups, plates, forks, and knives are all in order to make your Christmas party the best it can be. We’ve got the best red and green table cloth, linen napkin, and charger party rentals in the area.

Christmas Catering Supply Rentals

So everything’s prepared regarding seating and table set, but how will you keep the food warm so people can eat when they please? Our Christmas catering supply rentals are perfect for this occasion. Our chafing dishes are perfect to keep sides warm. For entrees, our convection ovens can heat it up so it’s fresh out of the oven delicious whenever somebody wants to eat. Once it’s been cooked, throw it our warming cabinet to ensure hot food all party long.

Christmas Lighting Party Rentals

Everything’s set in terms of seating, tables, and food, so it’s time to give the party some Christmas ambiance. We have a wide selection of lighting rentals that are perfect for parties. Grimes Events highly recommends our Diamond Bead Chandelier as it really gives the party a Christmasy feel. It looks just like icicles! Since Florida likely won’t be a winter wonderland this Christmas, create the wonderland yourself with the help of Grimes Events & Party Tents.

Hanukkah Party Rentals In South Florida

Grimes Events & Party Tents never forgets about the festival of lights, Hanukkah! Hanukkah parties are a common occurrence in South Florida, and we’d like to give you a hand in making your Hanukkah party unforgettable.

Hanukkah Table & Chair Rentals

Of course, any party requires seating and table space – regardless of the occasion. We have a wide selection of seating and table options for your Hanukkah party that can give your party a comfortable and spacious feel. Regardless of the size of the table you need, or the amount of chairs, Grimes Events & Party Tents has got you covered.

Hanukkah Tableware Rentals

Of course, you’ll need tableware to go with your table and chair rentals. To stick with the Hanukkah theme we have a selection of blue and silver table cloths, napkins, and chargers. Additionally, we also carry a fair amount of silverware for rent. For drinks at your Hanukkah party, we recommend our Crystal glassware.

Crystal Glassware Rentals 

Crystal glassware is an elegant and wintery way for your party guests to enjoy their beverages at your party. Grimes Events & Party Tents has a wide selection of different kinds of crystal glassware that will give your Hanukkah party a high-end atmosphere. Trust Grimes Events & Party Tents to take your party to the next level.

Dancefloor Rentals

We know that at Hanukkah parties, the attendants love to get down with their bad selves! That’s why we recommend our dance floor rentals at your next Hanukkah party. Let those that want to dance their heart out do so with our dance floor rentals at your Haunnukah party.

Choose Grimes Events & Party Tents For Your Next Holiday Party

Grimes Events & Party Tents offers the largest selection of party rentals in South Florida. Everything you need to make your party incredible is available at Grimes Events & Party Tents. Want to learn more about our selection of party rentals, and how we can help take your party to the next level? Give us a call at (561) 853-8368 or contact us online to learn more.