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A Simple Checklist for Event Planning

Planning an event can quickly become overwhelming. Creating a checklist can help you to stay organized and on schedule for the day of the event. At Grimes Events and Party Tents, we aim to help our guests stay stress-free and happy so that they can get the most out of their experience. Here is a simplified checklist of things to consider when planning your next event:

Decide on a Date, Time, and Venue

Depending on the type of event, certain days or times may be considered more appropriate than others. Also, try to take into consideration the availability of your guests. Choosing a venue will depend on the type of event and how many guests you plan on inviting. Beyond those factors, you also want to consider location, parking, layout, features, accessibility, ambiance, and cost.

Invite Your Guests

Figure out how many people you want to invite and decide if there is a limit on how many guests you can allow based on the budget you created. Invite your guests with plenty of time to spare. If it is an open invitation to the public, make sure the event is well-promoted through outlets such as social media.

Choose the Food

Will you provide the food yourself or will you hire a caterer? What food will be served? Will there be allergy-friendly or vegetarian options? How will it be served? Would you prefer buffet-style or plated table service? If you choose to provide the food yourself, we offer catering equipment for rental that will keep your food fresh and make your life much easier.

Select the Décor

Regardless of the type of event you are planning, décor is a must. Maybe you choose to go with a theme or a specific color scheme. Consider the purpose of your event and the mood you are aiming to set.

Take Inventory

Consider all the items you will need for your event. This could include tents, tables, chairs, linens, and tableware. Additional necessities you might want to consider are additional furniture, lighting, and cooling/heating units.

Stay Safe. Stay Healthy.

Plan accordingly to help your guests stay safe and healthy while attending the event. Encourage your guests to follow all CDC guidelines including frequent hand washing, maintaining social distancing, wearing a mask, covering coughs and sneezes, regularly disinfecting, and monitoring overall health. Inform your guests that if they are feeling ill, they should not attend the event. Take initiative by providing masks and cleaning stations. Utilize rentals such as tents, restroom trailers, hand sanitizing stations, stanchions, and isolation dividers to help guests maintain social distancing.

Event planning is not for the faint of heart. Whether you are choosing to plan your own event or are considering hiring an event planner, we are happy to provide you with anything you need for the big day. Contact us at 561-853-8368 to inquire about what rentals we have to offer and how we can bring your event to the next level!