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Party on My Pool: Transform Your Pool with Grimes Events and Party Tents

Are you ready to take your gatherings to the next level? At Grimes Events and Party Tents, we believe your pool should be more than just a body of water—it’s a stage for a celebration! With our innovative pool cover solutions, you can transform your pool into the heart of your next party, merging elegance and functionality in ways you’ve never imagined.

1)  Solid Pool Cover: The Ultimate Party Platform.

Ever thought about dancing on water? Our Solid Pool covers make it possible. Customizable to fit any pool shape, these covers expand your party area and add a sophisticated touch to your event. Choose from sleek finishes like carpet, vinyl flooring, or even a glossy polyurethane wood floor with elegant side edging. Ideal for dance floors or stages, this cover turns your pool into the life of the party.

2)  Transparent Pool cover: A Glimpse into the Enchanting Depths.

Imagine a surface that combines safety, style, and the magical view of your pool’s waters. Our Transparent Poll Covers do just that. Crafted from high-quality acrylic, these covers let you showcase your pool’s lighting, creating an ethereal and elegant atmosphere. It’s the perfect choice for events where the beauty of your pool shouldn’t be hidden but celebrated.

3)  Pool Stages and Bridges: Creativity Meets Functionality.

Not looking to cover your entire pool? Our Pool Stages and Bridges offer a versatile solution. Whether it’s a floating bar, a stage for your favorite band, or an imaginative setup that defines your event, we can tailor these structures to your needs. They’re perfect for events where the pool is a central feature, but you also need practical spaces for entertainment or extra seating.

At Grimes Events and Party Tents, we’re not just about covering pools,; we’re about creating unforgettable experiences. With our range of pool covers, stages, and bridges, your pool becomes more than a water feature – it becomes a canvas for your creativity. So why settle for a regular party when you can have an extraordinary one right in your pool? Imagine telling your guests, “Come party on my pool!” Contact us today at 561-853-TENT (8368) today and dive into the world of endless possibilities!

Must-Have Outdoor Event Rentals!


Spring has sprung and Grimes Events & Party Tents is excited to get to work this season!  Spring is one of the best times to have an outdoor event and we have all your rental needs! We have tent rentals and everything underneath them for the perfect outdoor event.


Grimes Events & Party Tents offers various tent sizes for any function. Tents are a great option for outdoor events as they are a shelter that can be placed anywhere and filled with any type of décor! Options are truly endless when creating an event under a party tent!

Moving into spring, we love to see our Clear-Top Frame Tents in action. The clear-top tent is perfect for any outdoor event you may be hosting. This tent style allows all the sunlight into your event and removes the need for artificial lighting!

High-Peak Festival Tents are also popular in the spring as their height adds a level of space that captivates the guests and is perfect for outdoor events. The space of the tent leaves room for sunlight to fill the tent, while also creating a grand space for a large outdoor event.

Having an outdoor event doesn’t mean being limited to a single space. Pipe and Drape can be added to any party tent to create sections or rooms that can add an element of exploration and dimension to your space.


Outdoor seating

Chairs are not all created equal when it comes to outdoor events. Depending on the density of the soil, some chair rentals hold up better compared to others. Grimes Events & Party Tents offers a variety of chairs that function perfectly on soil, grass, and cement.

Our Samsonite Chair is the classic durable folding chair. This seat comes in black and white to match any décor your event has.

The Chiavari Chair is a crowd favorite. This chair is strong and beautifully decorated, coming in white, black, clear, and gold. This is a more upscale step up from the classic Samsonite chair and is perfect for weddings or any sophisticated functions.

Lounge furniture is something that can change the essence of the event. Lounge furniture is usually more comfortable and comes in modern styles that catch the guest’s eyes. Transform your space into a comfy bohemian relaxation area in the day, or a space that emits a upscale, nightlife experience in the evening. Products like our Hi- Tops tables, Lounge Ottomans, and LED Cubes, make up some of the aspects to a functional outdoor lounge area outdoors.


Luxury Restroom Trailers

When it comes to hosting an outdoor event the restroom for guests can often be overlooked. This can be a tricky situation when you are not at an indoor venue that has a facility included. Grimes has this covered for you with our variety of luxury restroom trailers! Depending on the size of your event, we offer 9 stall, 5 stall, 3 stall, and single stall trailers for guests to use the restroom in comfortable and clean quarters.


Stage and Flooring

While a stage and flooring aren’t a necessity for an amazing and functional outdoor event, it is a great option to incorporate in the layout of a tent space.

A stage can act as a focal point of an event as it’s the most elevated level of the space. Here, you can add an extravagant design element, a DJ, or  other source of entertainment. If your event  entertainment or a host, a stage will level up the experience.

Flooring is also a great addition to an outdoor event. This not only offers a stable and smooth ground for guests to comfortably walk, it also doubles as a dance floor. This communicates to guests that dancing is encouraged!


Catering Rentals

Food and drinks are a crucial part of any event – big or small. If you want to develop your catering menu and refreshments, Grimes Events & Party Tents can provide you with all your catering rental needs. We provide an array of catering rentals that keep food hot, cold, fresh, or fried! Some of our products include Conventional Ovens, Gas Deep Fryer, Pan Racks, Steam Tables, and Propane Grilles to name a few. All these products are transportable and are perfect for any outdoor event.


Many of our catering rentals,  come in handy for climate control. We offer temperature regulating products like air conditioners, heaters, and fans for air circulation. Our rentals don’t just stop with functionality, but with fun! Grimes also has a selection of miscellaneous products including a Popcorn Machine and more! Not only do we have a large inventory of products, but a strong network of decorators and event planners that will work together to transform your venue into an ideal space.


Grimes Events & Party Tents is one of the most renowned event rental retailers in South Florida with hundreds of beautiful event spaces under our belt. No matter the season of your event, Grimes Events & Party Tents has all your rental needs to impress guests and create a fun and functional space outdoors.

Take It to the Next Level with Stage & Dance Floor Rentals

Stages can be used for more than just music and dance floors can be used for more than just dancing. There are plenty of reasons why you should consider renting a stage or dance floor for your next event! They are versatile additions to any type of event, providing both fashion and functionality.

Stage Rentals

One of the main benefits of renting a stage is that it will help bring your guests’ attention to the focal point of the event. If you are hosting a live entertainment event, placing the entertainment on top of an elevated stage will help differentiate them from the crowd. If you are hosting an awards ceremony, honorees can be easily viewed as they receive their awards. At a fashion show, models can easily maneuver the crowd by strolling along a catwalk, giving everyone the best view of their outfits.

Did you know that we also offer pool cover stage rentals? These stages, either solid or transparent, can be secured over inground pools, giving your event’s décor the “wow” factor while simultaneously optimizing the event space.

Dance Floor Rentals

The dance floors we provide at Grimes Events & Party Tents are high-quality Modular Grid-Loc tiles. These special tiles are easy to install and uninstall, are scuff-resistant, easy to clean, and highly durable. Our Modular Grid-Loc tiles are often used in commercial settings such as yoga studios, trade shows, dance floors at special events, and so much more! We offer different styles including black and white tiles, white marble tiles, smoked oak tiles, and wood tiles. No matter what type of event you are hosting, we have the perfect floor to fit your needs!

At Grimes Events & Party Tents, we know better than anyone the advantages of party rentals. No matter how big or small your rental needs may be, we are here to help! Contact us today at 561-853-8368 to get started.

Grimes Events & Party Tents Looks To Get Florida’s Restaurants Up And Running

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis announced on May 4th that many restaurants in the state could reopen with full outdoor seating captivity, while indoor seating is capped at 25% percent. While restaurants embraced the good news, they might not have enough outdoor seating to fit the need and demands of hungry customers. This is where Grimes Events  & Party Tents, South Florida’s premier source for all types of tents and outdoor seating can help.


Frame tents are ideal for restaurants due to their traditional classic design, cost efficiency and ability to easily expand to fit the needs of the business. Grimes offer two sizes ‘6-20’ Wide and ‘30-40’ Wide. Both sizes can put close to the restaurant as long as the surface is relatively leveled.  Grimes is not just limited to Frame Tents, they also have side tents among many others.

Tables And Chairs

When it comes to chairs Grimes has a large selection of chairs to fit your restaurant’s needs. Let Grimes Events & Party tents help you get back up and running today! Feel free to give us a call at our main at 561. 853- 8368. If you are located in Boca or Deerfield please call us at 561- 921-7873. We are even available by email at [email protected]

Let Grimes Events & Party tents help you get back up and running today! Feel free to give us a call at our main at 561. 853- 8368. If you are located in Boca or Deerfield please call us at 561- 921-7873. We are even available by email at [email protected]