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Book Holiday Tent Rentals

Wishing You the Happiest of Holidays-Book Holiday Rentals Now!

The entire Grimes Events and Party Tents Team would like to wish you Happy Holidays and Happy New Year! We bet this sounds too soon, considering we are in August and experiencing heat advisories. It’s almost painful to think about how far away the cool Florida breezes of December seem, let alone think of getting out all our holiday decorations. But NOW is the perfect time to plan and book your tent and party rentals. We know that with the ideal tent, chairs, linens, and even luxury portable restrooms, we can help you create all the holiday magic needed for an unforgettable holiday celebration. But you need to act now! But it would be best if you act now, right now, in August. Why now:

Availability and Choice:

The holiday season is always busy at Grimes Events and Party Tents, and the earlier you book what you need for the holidays, the more selection and choice you will have. Booking your tent and party rentals now guarantees that you have a wide range of options to choose from, allowing you to secure the perfect setup that aligns with your vision for the party.

Professional Expertise:

Those of us in Florida year-round know what “season” is like! Once our guests from other states arrive for the winter season, life seems more rushed, hectic, and crowded. The professionals at Grimes also see their calendars become crowded. Our party professionals are happy to assist you with designing the perfect under-tent atmosphere for your holiday party to make your event go smoothly. Booking now gives us more time to collaborate with you to create a party that exceeds your expectations.

Serious Stress Reduction:

While we can help you create the perfect outdoor venue for your party, we know there are many more details you need to attend to make the magic happen. You will have your hands full with menus, guest lists, invitations, and holiday decor. The last thing you need is to be overwhelmed by the logistics of the tent and related rentals. There is ample time to discuss your requirements, ensuring every detail with placement and set-up is executed flawlessly! Booking now removed the stress of these last-minute arrangements.

So now you know why you should book now, but why should you choose Grimes Events and Party Tents?  First, we are a woman-owned and operated business that treats every booking and party as if we were throwing the event and inviting our family or friends. We are known as the best source for tent rentals in South Florida, and with good reason. We have the greatest selection and sizes of tents in excellent condition. Did you know we are the only tent rental business in South Florida with a specialized tent washing machine? Every tent is thoroughly inspected and cleaned upon arrival back to our facility. Our selection of furniture, tables, and chairs. Linens and lighting, pool coverings, and portable bars, not to mention restrooms, are the best you will find in South Florida. But you may still be thinking, why should I book a tent for my holiday party? Here are four excellent reasons:

Weatherproof Your Party:

Sure, the weather in South Florida is the envy of those who live elsewhere. Even so, Mother Nature can be unpredictable. While there is less chance of rain, it is still a possibility. Not to mention temperature variations. We live here too, and we know there can be extreme shifts in temperature even in December. Temperatures can creep up into the high 80’s or drop below frigid (at least for Floridians!) 50 degrees. We can equip your tent with portable air conditioning or portable heaters. Keep your guests comfortable and cozy regardless of the weather.

Versatility and Customization:

If you rent indoor space from a venue, you often must deal with their requirements and specifications, limiting your holiday vision! With Grimes Event and Party Tent rentals, you can create an event space to your specifications. Whether you’re hosting an intimate gathering or a large-scale soiree, we have tents in various sizes and everything else you need for the perfect party to suit your specifications and needs.

Elevate the Atmosphere:

Imagine transforming your backyard or other outdoor space into a winter wonderland that feels like a magical holiday retreat! We are ready to help you create a unique and captivating ambiance that matches your festive holiday spirit. It’s time to make your party the merriest!

Put on some holiday music and dream up your perfect holiday celebration today. Envision the incredible impact of creating that ideal space with Grimes Event and Party Tents on your holiday celebrations. From transforming your space into a magical wonderland to a stress-free planning experience, we offer a full array that will contribute to your most memorable holiday party ever! Get in the holiday spirit and book your tent and party rentals now to ensure you have the best options. Call us at 561-853-TENT (8568). Or email us at [email protected].


Winter Wedding: What your Wedding Planner Wants you to Know

Most couples stay away from a wedding date in the winter and understandably, considering the intimidating weather and busyness that the winter months bring. Regardless, all these obstacles have an easy fix and shouldn’t stop you from experiencing a wedding straight out of a wintery fairytale. The proper preparation beforehand will ensure a magical and unforgettable winter wedding



As we know, it’s tradition for the bride to be the star of the show. With a gorgeous gown and beautiful glow, the bride is halfway to the perfect wedding. A long sleeve dress or use of fashion pieces like capes, cardigans, or long veils can be a great way to stay warm as a winter bride.

Event attendees must also consider the weather when deciding on their attire for the night. Layered outfits and proper footwear will be important to keep yourself comfortable and safe during the wedding festivities.

For a cohesive and enjoyable wedding experience the bridal party must be on the same page. Taking care of your bridal party is essential in optimizing your weddings experience. Your bridal party are your guests with specific requirements and responsibilities. Give your party the resources they need to make the best of a winter wedding. Select gowns and footwear that will offer them a comfortable experience. If the bridal party is happy and feels good about their attire the energy will be felt through the venue. Now, the style isn’t only for women. Men also need special attention in the fashion department. Playing with textures, materials, and colors adds a unique touch while also adding warmth to a suit or coat.

Prepare your guests


Although weddings are solely for representing the love and commitment of the special couple, we know the guest experience can become the most important aspect of a wedding. When you are having a winter wedding there are a few factors to keep in mind when it comes to your guests. Notifying guests early is going to yield the best outcome. With all the chaos and festivities that come with the winter seasons, the guest will need to know about the wedding in advance. This way they can plan around the holidays and end-of-year events they might have.

For many weddings, there is a bit of traveling involved for everyone in attendance. Make this known to your guests and encourage them to give themselves extra traveling time. For example, if you are having your winter-themed wedding here in Florida, you might have guests driving in from other states. With the spike in health concerns that come with air travel, some of your extended family and friends will likely take a road trip if it’s doable. There is a chance that weather conditions could be hazardous for drivers so getting to the wedding safely is priority. Stress this to your guests and prepare them for any risks that could occur during travel. All this information can be included in your invitations to establish expectations for guests while also highlighting the theme.

Winter Wonderland


The most memorable aspect of your winter wedding is the Venue and Décor.


When it comes to a winter wedding, something that will make the transition from the ceremony to the reception a lot easier is finding a venue where you can do it all. Take your time to find the perfect place that will work for your ceremony, reception, and any other special aspect under one roof. One of the most beautiful things about a winter wedding is utilizing the snow and nature to incorporate into your venue. If guests can look out the window and see beautiful snowy mountains, or natural elements of winter, they will really feel like they are in a winter escape. Consider how a scenic venue will take your wedding to the next level.

A winter wedding essential is a coat check. A safe place for guests to put their belongings is a great addition to any wedding but especially one that takes place in winter. A coat check is not only functional but can be a place to include personal touches or carry on the theme of the décor. Cute additions like mini hand warmers, personal blankets, and winter-themed party favors will bring a special touch to the venue. These special touches done specifically for guests are what they will remember for years to come. Personalization like these that are done in the winter, gives brides and grooms space to play with unique ideas that maybe would not fit in during warmer months.

Another aspect that can take your event from comfortable to cozy is the selection of refreshments. Include warm drinks like apple cider, hot cocoa, or coffee. Warm and filling foods are best for a winter wedding. Cups of chili, soups, and hearty pasta are great examples of warm comfort foods to serve on your big day. Having the proper catering equipment is an efficient way to keep your food and refreshments fresh. Grimes Events & Party Tents offers heating, cooling, and storing, catering equipment.


The great thing about a winter wedding is being able to play with unique themes inspired by the season. Winter is a theme itself, so there are many variations of the special aspects of winter. With the incorporation of natural elements, lighting, and personal touches, you can create your dream winter wonderland.  Get creative and do extensive research on winter themes and pick the one that best represents you and your partner.

A winter wedding is a catalyst to a unique experience and immaculate wedding pictures that look like they are straight from a magazine. Don’t let these winter months stop you from having the wedding of your dreams. Embrace the cold weather and the beauty it brings. Grimes Events & Party Tents has a variety of event rentals for the perfect winter wedding. Contact us today!

Hosting A Winter Event


Summer is over but the festivities have just begun. Winter is a beautiful time of year filled with celebrations and gatherings. With many national holidays taking place during the winter, it’s only right that events continue this time of year. If you are hosting a winter event this year, here are a few tips and tricks that are sure to keep guests comfortable wherever you are.


Weather Conditions


Here in Florida, winter doesn’t mean heavy snow and ice but does take some adjusting for locals. Sunny days drop from the high eighties and nighties to the mid-seventies while the nights become crisper and cooler at temperatures of fifty to sixty degrees. In other regions of the country, snowfall and hazardous weather conditions are more prominent so precautions must be taken. Although Winter looks different around the country, wherever you are it’s important to have a backup plan for your event. Having a “plan B” is essential to all events but especially winter events where the host is heavily relying on aspects of the plan. To be prepared, set aside backups for all heating, tent, and other rental equipment.


Durable Equipment


Regardless of how winter looks where you are, having durable equipment like Frame TentsHigh Peak TentsHeaters, and insulated Stage & Flooring are key in maintaining and enjoying a winter event.  Grimes Events and Party Tents offer weather-resistant tents that are steaked into the ground. With a solid shelter installed, guests won’t have to worry about the weather outside, inside the tent. If you are hosting a winter event, it’s recommended to use a frame tent, that can then be closed on all sides if needed. Now that the four walls are up, a host must factor in heat during the chili months of winter. Space heaters are great for indoor or outdoor winter events. The number of heaters needed is based on the space of the event. When placing heaters, it’s wise to place them where guests will be seated or will remain through the event. Another great way to support a warm and cozy winter event is the addition of flooring. Using flooring will help insulate heat inside your tent while also giving guests a smooth walkway or dancing platform.


Food and Drink


While the setup is crucial in hosting a great winter event another aspect that can take your event from comfortable to cozy is the selection of refreshments. This is a great opportunity to further establish your winter theme. Warm and filling foods are best for a winter event. Cups of chili, soups, and hearty pasta are great examples of warm comfort foods to serve at your winter event. For drinks, think warm and delicious. Hot chocolate, hot cider, tea, and coffee are all special winter drinks that tie in perfectly with the winter esthetic, while also keeping guests warm from the inside out.

Winter Trends


The best part about A winter event is the décor! Winter has a theme of its own, snow, ice, glitter, evergreen, and a variation of magical lighting. Not only is winter beautiful as is, there are also a few of the nation’s biggest holidays that happen during the winter months. Christmas and New years are great times to create an immaculate winter celebration. Winter trends allow hosts and planners to do something different with their décor. Some trends that we’re seeing this winter season are warm and cool lighting. If you are going for a cozy winter feel, Edison Bulbs provides a warm esthetic that cascades throughout the whole venue. For an icier winter look, Globe Lamps are perfect for creating the essence of a Winter wonderland. These gorgeous lamps backed by snow and pine reach a mix of winter and warmth. For an icier winter look, icy blue LED UP Lights coated over an all-white winter event, looks like jack frost decorated it himself!


Winter comes and goes but the memory of an epic winter event will stay with guests for a lifetime. Don’t let cooler weather stop you from hosting a beautiful event. Embrace the chill! With a combination of durable equipment, proper refreshments, and glamorous décor, guests are sure to find themselves in a winter wonderland they won’t want to leave! If you are planning a winter event, Grimes Events and Party Tents provides event rentals and expertise to help you create a winter escape. Contact  Grimes Events and Party Tents today!