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Drive-By Driveway Events

Many large events have been postponed or canceled because of COVID, but creativity has allowed us to continue celebrating special occasions! We have taken to providing our clients with opportunities to host socially distant events from the comfort of their driveway.

A Special Birthday

Recently, we helped one of our special clients celebrate their 10th birthday with a driveway event. Guests could drive by, wishing our client a happy birthday, or stop in for a socially distanced party. We transformed their driveway into a multi-colored, tie-dye extravaganza fitted with a tent, tables, goodie bags, and cupcakes! By partnering with GoFar Balloons and Bella Fiori Flower Walls, we were able to create a beautiful experience for all the attendees. Drive-by or stop in events such as these are great for celebrating anniversaries, graduation parties, birthday parties, and more while taking into consideration social distancing, health, and safety.

Host a Driveway Party

Provide your guests with a remarkable experience as they help celebrate your special day from your driveway! Whether you are looking for a casual get-together or elaborately themed party, converting your driveway for such a celebration is easy. Tents, tables, and lounge furniture can be set with ample distancing for mingling and an open house styled event. Include carpets, lighting, and textures to give your set up a unique theme.

Have a special occasion coming up? Contact us at 561-853-8368 to learn more about how we can provide you with creative solutions to help you carry on with the festivities of life!