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4 Benefits Of Having An Outdoor Wedding Venue

Finding the perfect wedding venue that matches a couple’s vision, style and needs while also staying within budget can be somewhat of a challenge. Indoor wedding venues are a popular choice among couples planning a wedding because they offer convenience and a higher level of comfort for guests. An indoor wedding venue can also completely dictate the look and feel of a wedding, limiting decor options and causing space constraints. That is why so many couples are opting for the freedom and flexibility that an outdoor wedding venue has to offer.

Outdoor Wedding Venue

Depending on the time of year, an outdoor wedding venue can provide beautiful scenery while also adding versatility, allowing couples to add a personal touch while creating the wedding of their dreams. In many cases, outdoor weddings can also be less expensive than weddings that take place at an indoor venue. At Grimes Events & Party Tents, our event specialists work with couples to handle all rental logistics associated with a wedding. Grimes Events & Party Tents provides party rentals and essentials like event tent rentals, chair rentals, table rentals and everything in between. We have been helping couples in the South Florida area turn their outdoor wedding vision into a reality.

Make It Your Own

Couples may find that with an indoor wedding venue they are usually limited to the design of a room. The majority of outdoor wedding venues come as a clean slate, giving couples the freedom make their vision become a reality. With an outdoor wedding venue, couples can personalize the look and feel of their outdoor wedding. If couples have an event tent rental, they have the ability to add lighting, drapery, chairs, tables, and even a dance floor.

Natural Backdrop

Depending on the outdoor venue that is chosen and the time of year, the bridal party and guests can enjoy a beautiful, natural backdrop. Not to mental, the natural lighting that an outdoor venue provides will be great for pictures. In South Florida, couples have the option of getting married at outdoor wedding venues like the beach and or a garden at a country club.

Plenty of Room

Indoor wedding venues can sometimes have space constraints. Unless you rent a large ballroom or another large indoor space, finding an ideal setup that will comfortably fit all of your guests can be an issue. With an outdoor wedding venue, open spaces give the illusion that you and your guests have plenty of room. During the ceremony, guests can enjoy the natural scenery and take in the fresh air. For the reception, an event tent rental can be the perfect solution to providing a covered and comfortable space for guests, especially with unpredictable weather conditions.

Event Tent Rental For An Outdoor Wedding

One of the main concerns with an outdoor wedding venue is how unpredictable the weather can be. In South Florida, one minute it can be bright, sunny, clear skies and the next, there is a torrential downpour. Combining an outdoor wedding venue with an event tent rental can allow couples to have the best of both worlds. An event tent rental will provide guests with the comfort and protection of an indoor wedding venue while also not taking away from an outdoor wedding look and feel. At Grimes Events & Party Tents, we specialize in planning all of the logistical elements of a wedding. As event tent rental specialists, we offer a wide range of event tents like canopy tents and frame tents that will protect against inclement wedding and bugs. Couples can also customize the look and feel of the decor of the tents.

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