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Canopy Tent Rental For Weddings

A wedding canopy rental is important when planning a wedding. Grimes Events And Party Tents have a great supply of canopy tent rentals. Located in South Florida, we have worked with great local clients in the past. Providing a great tent to create a beautiful space is our goal. We offer canopy tent rentals and tent upgrades. Grimes events will supply the perfect wedding canopy for any style wedding. We have worked with high-end clients, which allows for a personable and top-notch experience.


Best Wedding Canopy Tent Rentals:

  • Century Event Tents
  • Pole Tents
  • Upgrades to Century Event Tents


Century Event Tents

Grimes Events and Party tents feature a tent called the century event tent. This tent can stand alone or be combined together to form a custom arrangement. Covering thousands of square feet, the durableness makes this tent a great choice. This tent is equipped with Anchor’s web tension bars which allow for great stability in bad weather conditions. For couples who want to have a beach wedding, this is possible with the century tent. The century event tent has lace lines that are protected with an innovative seal that helps keep water out and guests dry.


Pole Tents

Pole Tents are also a great option for a wedding. Grimes Party Tents offers a pole tent that is beautiful in design for wedding guests. Pole tents are equipped with a heavy covering and a pole tent is supported by a pole in the middle of the tent. This style amplifies the dancefloor and the atmosphere of the event. A Pole Tent structure comes from the fabric of the tent and beams are not needed to support a Pole Tent. If bad weather disturbs the wedding, pole tents are constructed to withstand wind gusts up to ninety miles per hour. This can be great if bad weather interrupts any kind of outdoor wedding.


Upgrades to Century Event Tents

There also upgrades to Century Event tents that couples may want to consider for their wedding. Grimes Events And Party tents offer a variety of upgrades and accessories to beautify a wedding. Upgrading a century event tent will allow for a personalized touch to the wedding. These upgrades can be modified to fit the wedding theme.


Upgrade options include:

  • Leg Drapes
  • Italian Market Lights
  • Chinese Paper Lanterns
  • Sleeved legs


These are just some of the fabulous additions for a wedding. We also offer a range of custom specialty tents that come in a variety of shapes, designs, and sizes. Tents include clear span tents, marquee tents, and festival tents. All of these designs have been created to enhance the wedding experience.

Grimes Party Rentals is South Florida’s premier party rental company. We offer a wide variety of tents that are perfect for many occasions. To find out more about our services for a canopy tent rental call us today at (561) 853-8368 to schedule an appointment.