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How to Host Thanksgiving Amid a Pandemic

As COVID-19 continues to pose a risk to gatherings, many people are trying to reimagine their holiday plans. According to a recent survey, 21% of 1,000 adults confirmed that they do not know what they will be doing for Thanksgiving this year. When making your plans this year, make safety a priority by determining logistics such as cleanliness and spacing ahead of time.

Check State Regulations

First thing’s first, many states have restrictions on how many people may gather. Make sure to follow any state regulations set in place. While Florida may not have any state-mandated limits on gatherings, Florida Health suggests that you avoid congregating in groups larger than 10. If your guests are traveling from out of state, make sure to take note of any travel restrictions the state has set in place. As of right now, Florida does not have any traveling restrictions in place.

Measure Your Space

Social distancing is still encouraged, even during holiday gatherings. A great way to determine how many guests you can safely invite is to measure your space ahead of time. Keep in mind that while people are eating, their masks come off. Make sure that there is enough space to keep everyone at least 6 feet apart.

Alter Agenda, Location, and Serving Style

If you need more space, consider hosting Thanksgiving dinner outdoors! Not only does it allow for flexibility with spacing, but better airflow also increases overall safety. At Grimes Events and Party Tents, we can provide you with additional equipment such as tables, chairs, tableware, and linens. We also have 10×10 DIY tents that will keep your guests comfortable all day long.

Properly Prepare Your Guests

Make sure that all your guests are aware of what the plan is. Encourage all guests to observe a 14-day quarantine prior to Thanksgiving Day. Ask your guests to wear a mask whenever they are not eating or drinking. Remind your guests that if they are feeling ill, they should stay home. For those who are considered high risk, do your best to include them by video-chatting with them on the day of.

Observe CDC Guidelines

You and your guests should follow all CDC guidelines set in place. These include social distancing, mask-wearing, frequent hand washing, and limiting the number of people you come in contact with.

The holidays are a joyous time to gather with friends and family. However, this year, it is especially important to do what you can to ensure everyone’s safety. Grimes Events and Party Tents is here to support you during this time by providing social distancing solutions, tent, and table rentals. Contact us today for all your Thanksgiving rental needs!