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Stay Dry With An Outdoor Tent Rental

Grimes Events And Party Tents is the number one choice for Boca Raton tent rentals. We strive to provide our customers with the best outside tent rentals. Grimes Events And Party Tents have a high-quality selection of tent rentals for any event. Our outdoor tent rental is excellent for any event such as a wedding, a reception, or a Bar Mitzvah. An outdoor tent is an excellent type of tent for any of these outdoor events. Grimes Events And Party Tents can keep guests dry, cool, and warm to keep guests comfortable.

Stay Dry With An Outdoor Tent Rental

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Tent Rental

Choosing to a tent for an outdoor event is an excellent choice. Creating space, privacy and shelter from the weather are a few reasons for renting a tent. A tent is a great way to customize a space and to treat the tent like a blank canvas. This allows a person to add their own style and design to the party tent. Most tents are white which also allows for customization of tables, chairs, and linens. People may choose to rent an outdoor party tent rather than an indoor reception hall due to more restrictions.

Century Tent

Grimes Events And Party Tents century tent is an excellent outdoor tent to stay dry. The century tent allows guests to stay due to its lace lines that are protected by an innovative seal which will keep the rain out. This tent is quite durable and is held together by powerful sturdy tension elements. As a result, the tents sturdy equipment provides excellent stability. Another great feature to have to stay dry is to rent temporary flooring. This is an excellent way for guests to keep their feet dry and to prevent running their dress shoes. A dry surface is essential to prevent injury due to a wet surface. As a result, Grimes Events And Party Tents can install a port-floor which will protect the grass and while keeping guests feet dry.

Reputable Company

Using the right tent rental company is essential. Grimes Events and Party Tents is a reputable tent rental company that is responsive, explains all of their policies and is dedicated to providing the best customer service possible. We have worked with a variety of prestigious clients in the South Florida area and have been operating for 20 years. Having these important factors in place allows for a successful organization which customers can trust. They can also ensure that their event will be successful and will be a stress-free process.
Grimes Events And Party Tents is South Florida’s premier party outside tent rental company. We serve customers in the Boca Raton area who need a tent rental. We offer a wide variety of outdoor tents that will keep guests dry and entertained during an event. To find out more about our century tent and other outdoor tent rentals call us today at (561) 853-8368 to schedule an appointment.