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Social Distancing Solutions

As COVID-19 continues to pose a threat, we at Grimes Events & Party Tents are here to support our community. Many of our rentals can help to keep people safe and maintain social distancing guidelines. We have organized our social distancing solution rentals in a way that makes it easy for you to find what you are looking for.


The outdoors is a great resource for additional space. If you are moving your business or event outdoors, consider renting a tent to keep your guests comfortable outside, rain or shine. We offer several types of tents including frame tents, pole tents, pop-up tents, high peak tents, and our new structural tents which are recommended for a long-term solution. Tent doors and side curtains are the perfect accessories for any tent rental to help create space and maintain social distancing.

Restroom Trailers

Our new, luxury restroom trailers offer a sanitary solution by eliminating the need for guests to go indoors. We have 3, 5, and 9-stall restroom trailers, as well as an individual, ADA compliant restroom trailer.

Isolation Dividers

Our isolation dividers make it easy to maintain social distancing. Using non-porous sheets hung with pipes, they are lightweight and versatile. Set barriers between people or create smaller rooms within a larger space. The plastic or vinyl materials makes it a breeze to clean.

Hand Sanitizer Stations

Providing hand sanitizer is a great way to help keep an area clean. Our hand sanitizer stations are lightweight and easily portable. They can stand alone or function as part of a stanchion.


A highly underrated rental, stanchions can easily create a path for your guests, block off areas, and keep large groups from accumulating. As the need for social distance continues, consider renting stanchions to help maintain CDC guidelines.

Pipe and Drape

Acting as a curtain, pipe and drape is an elegant solution that keeps people safe and ensures social distancing. Similar to stanchions, pipe and drape can create paths for customers or guests, block off areas, and keep large groups from accumulating. However, the added benefit of the pipe and drape is the protection it offers by creating a barrier between people.

Our social distancing solutions have all the necessary rentals you need to navigate COVID-19. From moving outdoors and providing alternative restroom options, to maintaining social distancing, we have you covered. Contact us at 561-853-8368 to find out more.