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Beat The Heat With A Party Tent Rental

Party tent rentals can be useful for any time of the year, most especially in the summer. Wedding dresses and heavy tuxedos can be very air restrictive and conducive to perspiration. A party tent rental can help combat the heat and make any summer event comfortable, keeping guests cool in the shade. Here are some things to consider when deciding on party tent rentals for a summer event.


Types of Tents

Pole tents are the traditional design used for convenience, cost efficiency, and expandability. If a portion of a party is hosted outside, the pole tent is perfect for providing easy protection. Once the tent is no longer needed or needs to be moved, it can be taken down quickly. There are no walls to this tent as well, keeping the tent ventilated with fresh air.

Frame tents use walls and perimeter supports to make a clear space inside the tent. These are perfect for a stage because they allow great visibility and a background. If the inside of the tent becomes too hot, the sides can be opened up to increase air flow.

The frame tent with a clear top is more like a portable awning. The design of this tent puts more of the support on one structural wall so that the other sides can be opened. This allows for more air circulation but protects less from the sun.  A frame tent is more appropriate for a musical performance because the openness of the tent won’t interfere with the acoustics. Other festivals or business meetings that want a more sophisticated atmosphere can benefit from the appearance of a clear top tent.

High peak festival tents have four corner supports and a large pointed top of the material. This tent has a great appearance and casts a longer shadow than other tents of similar size for more protection from the sun. Hot air can rise to the top of the tent’s peak and leave the bottom cooler.


Cooling Methods

Even if the guests are in the shade, some climates can be too hot for comfort. Some ways to keep cool during a summer event include fans and water. Cool breezes can be a cheap method of giving relief to the guests. It may not be a very windy day or the tent may not allow for proper circulation. Fans create an artificial breeze and give guests another social gathering spot.

Coolers full of ice and bottled water will also bring down the temperature of guests. They can hold the ice or press it against their temples, and they can stay hydrated with easy access to water. While this may not be appropriate for some events a sprinkler can be a fun addition for kids to play with and give a refreshing mist for guests to visit once in a while.

Nothing beats the heat like an indoor party with air conditioning. Grimes Events & Party Tents rentals can also furnish an indoor setting with chairs and tables for any occasion. Give us a call at (561) 853-8368 for any event tent rentals.