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5 Common Questions About Event Rental Installations

When considering tents for weddings and events, it’s important to know what to expect with the installation process, specifically timeline and pricing. We know that the foundation for a successful event lies in the preparation and planning, so we want to help simplify the installation process by answering the 5 most common questions that we receive.

Do you set up and break down the rental products?

Our delivery/ pick-up teams will set up and break down several of our rental products at no additional charge, including tents, bars, cooking equipment, dance floors, staging, and lighting. We can perform chair setup and breakdown, as well as table setup and breakdown services at an additional cost. Those services can be added at any point in the process before delivery.

What is your standard rental period?

The price of our rental equipment includes a 72-hour rental period. Should you need to keep our products longer than 72 hours, additional charges will apply.

Do you deliver?

Yes, we do offer delivery. When you request a delivery, you will be given either a morning (8 am-12 pm) or an afternoon (1 pm-6 pm) delivery window. Delivery rates will vary depending on delivery specifics and location.

What do I need to do to get ready for you to install the tent rental?

When installing a tent, the first step our crews take is to spread it flat on the ground in the area where it will be. Please have this area completely clear of obstructions before we arrive at the job site.

How will my tent be secured?

Grass – when setting up your tent, we typically drive a 42” stake into the grass in 2 places at each corner and 1 at each additional leg. The stakes will be approximately 4 feet away from the tent, with a white strap running from the top of the tent to the stake itself.

Asphalt – We will have to drill 1.5” diameter holes at each place that we need a stake. We can then drive our stakes in the ground, just the same as if we were setting up on grass. When we come back to pick up the tent, we will patch all holes with either asphalt patches or a plug.

Concrete – We will drill ½” diameter holes to secure your tent with concrete anchors. Our straps will run from the top of the tent down to the concrete anchors. When we pick up the tent, we will patch all holes with concrete patches, however we cannot guarantee an exact color match.

Other – If your tent is going on any surface that we are not allowed to drill through or drive stakes, we secure your tent with either cement weights or 55-gallon water barrels. To ensure that we have the proper equipment on-site, please contact us prior to booking your event. There will be an additional fee to secure any tent that we cannot stake.

From tents for weddings and events to table rentals (and everything in between!), Grimes Events & Party Tents is South Florida’s premier event rental company. If you are interested in hiring us for your next event, contact us at 561-853-8368.